I’ve visited Soochow University, Suzhou City, China

Recently I have visited my long-time collaborator, friend, and colleague Prof. Xinjian Chen at the Soochow University, Suzhou City, in China. In his group, MIPAV (medical image processing, analysis, and visualization), I have gave one invited-seminar, and one graduate level course (on digital image processing). It was a fascinating visit, I enjoyed both scientific and sight-seeing part of my visit. I am looking forward to visit Prof. Chen and his lab in the near future. Below, I am sharing some memos from my visit:

When you visit Suzhou City, the first thing you will notice is that Suzhou is a beautiful city, with flowers everywhere, and the city itself contains river(s) both in old town and new town (indusutrial complex).


Below, you see the announcement of my talk. You will notice that my talk is given in US (Eastern Time) instead of local time :), 12 hours difference to USA.



Tea ceremony has a significant part in daily life (right). Locally grown spices and seeds are seen on left.

IMG_4512.JPG  IMG_4513.JPG

And the traditional music before the dinner…



I have seen this interesting colorful weathercock in front of a kindergarten. Children love this…



In the kindergarten, where I and Prof. Chen picked up his daughter, we have seen this paper-sheet in which competition results were summarized. Guess what, the competition is about “jump-rope”. Each student is recorded how many jumps s/he recorded within 30 seconds! Pretty fast ones I have seen!



In MIPAV, Prof. Chen created a nice environment not only for research but also for social interaction. Since his group is quite large, in almost every week there is a birthday party after the seminars 🙂 Now five people are celebrating the birthday for that week!



Some sightseeing from the university area (old town) are seen :




Here is the economy department’s building, I really enjoyed this building as it has many interesting artistic styles here and there..





A huge cubicle space for students. Since it was very quite, I think there is no problem to work in such environment.


Prof. Chen is now working on hardware part of the OCT (optical coherence tomography) apart from the software part where he is the leading scientist in this domain developing image analysis techniques.





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