New Publication in “Deep Learning in Medical Image Analysis” (DLMIA), MICCAI 2015


Collaborative efforts among NIH Radiology department, UCF CRCV, and University of Applied Sciences Western Switzerland resulted in a publication in the first workshop of “Deep Learning in Medical Image Analysis”, in association with MICCAI 2015 (Munich, Germany).

Dr. Gao (NIH) started her postdoctoral fellowship at CT under my and Dr. Xu’s supervision and conducted development of deep learning strategies for classification of CT attenuation patterns for lung diseases, in particular ILD (interstitial lung diseases). Initial results of her study was accepted and published in DLMIA workshop of MICCAI 2015. Currently, we are extending the study for a complete system in lung disease identification via holistic classification.

HERE is the paper’s pdf.

Holistic Classification of CT Attenuation Patterns for Interstitial Lung Diseases via Deep Convolutional Neural Networks

M. Gao, U. Bagci, L. Lu, A. Wu, M. Buty, H-C. Shin, H. Roth, G.Z. Papadakis, A. Depeursinge, R.M. Summers, Z. Xu, and D.J. Mollura.


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