Five presentations at RSNA 2015 !!!

I have the following 5 abstracts to be presented at RSNA 2015, at Chicago, IL.

1 scientific poster, 2 scientific talks, and 2 education exhibits in total. At CRCV, Nasim Souly, a PhD student that I am working with, will present a scientific talk on the subject of new method for PET image denoising. With Dr Teomete of University of Miami, I will present an education exhibits on the subject of basics of image analysis and processing radiological workflow. With Dr. Xu of NIH, we will cover Partial volume corrections and denoising methods in PET image analysis. With Dr. Papadakis, we will present the value of FDG-PET/CT imaging in evaluating ectopic ACTH/CRH co-secreting tumors. Finally, with Dr. Teomete, we will present our new CAD system for Plastic Bowing Fractures of the Pediatric Forearm.

Time, location, and full citation of the presentations are given below. Please do not forget to update your calendar! Hope to meet you in Chicago, IL!

(Wed Dec 02 2015 12:45PM – 1:15PM ROOM Learning Center, Hall D)

Value of 18F-FDG-PET/CT in localizing ectopic ACTH/CRH co-secreting tumors, causing Cushing Syndrome (CS), in children and adolescents.

G Z Papadakis, MD,  A Karageorgiadis; U Bagci, PhD, MSc; R Casas, MS,MENG; C Millo; N J Patronas, MD; et al

(Mon Nov 30 2015 9:10AM – 9:20AM ROOM S102AB)

Plastic Bowing Fractures of the Pediatric Forearm: Evaluation of a Novel Computer Aided Method for Detection

U Teomete, MD; Y Zhou; O Dandin, MD; W Zhao; T Dandinoglu; O Osman, PhD; U. Bagci, PhD.

(Mon Nov 30 2015 11:00AM – 11:10AM ROOM S402AB)

A New Saliency Metric to Precisely Denoise PET Images for Better Visualization and Accurate Segmentation

N Souly, G Z Papadakis, MD; U. Teomete, U Bagci, PhD.

Recent Advances in Techniques for PET Image Denoising and Partial Volume Correction 

Z Xu, PhD, M Gao, PhD; U Bagci, PhD, MSc; D J Mollura, MD

From Signal to Screen: The Science Behind Radiologic Images

U Teomete, MD,  G Z Papadakis, MD; O Osman, PhD; O Dandin, MD; U Bagci, PhD


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