My PhD student receives UCF Multidisciplinary Doctoral Fellowship !!

The UCF Multidisciplinary Doctoral Fellowship is a competitive university wide program that awards one fellowship annually to an outstanding doctoral student engaged in innovative multidisciplinary research. This year, Maedeh Sadat Fasihi, was chosen as the recipient.

The purpose of the fellowship is to allow the pursuit of research questions that cross traditional disciplinary boundaries. This award is intended for students who have completed at least the first year of their doctoral program and who have not yet advanced to candidacy. It provides a stipend of $20,000 ($10,00 in Fall and Spring) tuition support (not including fees), and health insurance each year for up to three years.

This year, my PhD student, Maedeh Sadat Fasihi, started receiving this fellowship, and she is the first one in UCF, who will build a link between CS and School of Medicine. Maedeh will work on kidney and prostate imaging, and image analysis solutions with computer vision and machine learning techniques. I and Dr. Abdo of College of Medicine will supervise her jointly.


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