4 Abstracts were accepted to be presented in RSNA 2014 !!!

The following four abstracts that we submitted to RSNA 2014 conference (100th annual year of meeting!!!) were accepted for presentation.

1.  Automated Computer-derived SUV and Metabolic Tumor Volume Measurements of biopsy Proven Lesions: Comparison with Radiologist-derived PET-CT Imaging. RSNA 2014.

G.Papadakis, U.Bagci, B. Foster, Z.Xu, A.Mansoor, NJ Patronas, C.Stratakis, DJ Mollura

2. Lung Lobe Volumetry as a Reliable Biomarker: Methods for Automatic Extraction of Lobes from CT Scans, and Fissure Integrity Scoring. RSNA 2014.

A. Mansoor, U. Bagci, Z.Xu, B.Foster, G.Papadakis, DJ Mollura.

3. Computerized Detection and Classification of Pulmonary Pathologies from CT Images: Current Approaches, Challenges, and Future Trends. RSNA 2014.

A. Mansoor, U. Bagci, Z.Xu, B.Foster, G. Papadakis, K. Olivier, J. Elinoff, A, Suffredini, DJ Mollura.

4. The State-of-the-Art and Recent Advances in Pulmonary Image Analysis Techniques. RSNA 2014.

Z.Xu, U. Bagci, A. Mansoor, B. Foster, G. Papadais, JK Udupa, DJ Mollura.


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