5 papers are accepted for publication in EMBC 2014 Conference

I am please to announce that our all submitted papers (5 studies) were accepted for publication and presentation in 36th annual international conference of the IEEE Engineering in Biology and Medicine (EMBC)-2014, which will be held in Chicago at 26-30 Aug 2014.

The title and authors of our studies are the following (paper will be given here once their final versions are uploaded to the system, also our accompanying software will be available here).

1. CIDI-Lung-Seg: A Single-Click Annotation Tool for Automatic Delineation of Lungs from CT Scans.
A.Mansoor, U.Bagci, B.Foster, Z.Xu, D.Douglas, J.Solomon, J.K. Udupa, D.J. Mollura.
2. Near Optimal Keypoint Sampling for Fast Pathological Lung Segmentation. 
A.Mansoor, U.Bagci, D.J. Mollura
3. Efficient Ribcage Segmentation from CT Scans Using Shape Features.
Z.Xu, U.Bagci, D.J.Mollura
4. Accurate and Efficient Separation of Left and Right Lungs from 3D CT Scans: A Generic Hysteresis Approach.
Z.Xu, U.Bagci, D.J.Mollura
5. QAV-PET: Quantitative Analysis and Visualization of PET Images. 
B.Foster, U.Bagci, G.Papadakis, D.J.Mollura.

I congratulate my postdocs Dr Ziyue Xu and Dr Awais Mansoor, and my former post-bac Mr Brent Foster (he is currently a PhD student in University of California, Davis). I also thank my collaborators Prof. Udupa, Dr Solomon, Dr Papadakis, Dr Douglas, and CIDI director Dr Mollura.


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