Two Papers in MICCAI 2013

Two articles of our group (CIDI) were accepted recently to be presented in MICCAI 2013 conference. MICCAI 2013 acceptance rate of the submitted papers is around 32.8%, and the conference will be held in Nagoya, Japan, September 2013.

First article is my own study on denoising PET images, and the second study was conducted my postdoc Dr Ziyue Xu on airway wall segmentation. The articles are the following (PDFs will be available shortly after final submission):

1. U. Bagci and D. J. Mollura. Denosing PET Images Using Singular Value Thresholding and Stein’s Unbiased Risk Estimate [PDF]

2. Z. Xu, U. Bagci, B. Foster, A.Mansoor, D.J. Mollura. Spatially Constrained Random Walk Approach for Accurate Estimation of Airway Wall Surfaces.


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