CIDI Papers in SNM Conference (2013)

The following abstracts were accepted to Society of Nuclear Medicine (SNM) Annual Conference 2013 as ORAL PRESENTATIONS.

1.   Accurate quantification of brown adipose tissue through PET-guided CT image segmentation,

A. Sandouk, Ulas Bagci, Ziyue Xu, Awais Mansoor, Brent Foster, Daniel Mollura.

2. A computational platform for quantification of infectious lung disease using PET-CT imaging

Ulas Bagci, Foster, Brent H.; Xu, Ziyue; Luna, Brian; Dey, Bappaditya; Bishai, William ; Jonsson, Colleen B.; Jain, Sanjay; Mollura, Daniel

3. Affinity propagation clustering determines distributed uptake regions in PET images: A computer-aided approach for quantification of pulmonary infections in small animals

Foster, Brent H.; Bagci, Ulas; Xu, Ziyue; Dey, Bappaditya; Luna, Brian; Bishai, William ; Jain, Sanjay; Mollura, Daniel


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