CIDI Summer Intern Neil Mendhiratta Won Best Student Poster for his Joint-Segmentation Work!

Neil Mendhiratta, our summer intern during 2012 June-Aug, won the best poster prize award in Molecular Imaging of Infectious Diseases: Current Status and Future Challenges conference with his summer project:

Accurate and Robust Quantification of Hybrid MRI-PET and PET-CT Images through a Novel Joint-Segmentation Method

In this work, under our supervision, Neil did a very good job and managed to segment objects from MRI-PET and PET-CT images simultaneously, and accurately in a few seconds!  We hope that our method will be used in routine clinics shortly.

We congratulate Neil for his effort and wish a good luck in his MedSchool in New York University

We will also present an earlier version of this study on November in RSNA 2012.

Co authors of his abstract are as follows:

Z. Xu, B.Foster, U.Bagci, D.J. Mollura


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