MICCAI 2011 Paper is accepted for publication !!!!

My recent paper submitted to (Medical Image Computing and Computer Assisted Interventions) MICCAI 2011 was accepted for publishing. Acceptance rate for MICCAI conference this year is around 30%. MICCAI will be held in Toronto, Canada.

In this study, we present two novel methods for automatically detecting TIB (tree-in-bud) patterns: (1) a fast localization of candidate patterns using information from local scale of the images, and (2) a Mobius invariant feature extraction method based on learned local shape and texture properties. More information regarding the research and the data used in the study will be available soon after the presentation of the study.

Title of the paper:   Learning Shape and Texture Characteristics of CT Tree-in-Bud Opacities for CAD Systems

Authors of the paper:  U.Bagci, J. Yao, J. Caban, A.F.Suffredini, T.Palmore, D.J.Mollura.


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