Two Paper Abstracts were Submitted to SPIE Medical Imaging 2011 Conference

SPIE Medical Imaging is a multidisciplinary forum that seeks to advance medical imaging technologies: physics, image processing, CAD, visualization and modeling, PACS, perception, ultrasonic imaging, biomedical research, and more.

This year, I have submitted the following abstracts:

1. Orientation Estimation of Anatomical Structures in Medical Images for Object Recognition

2. Intensity Non-Standardness Affects Computer Recognition of Anatomical Structures

Both abstracts have the following Authors:

Ulas Bagci (me),

Jayaram K.Udupa ( MIPG, University of Pennsylvania)


Xinjian Chen (NIH, Diagnostic Radiology Department)

Other papers that I wrote for SPIE Medical Imaging conference can be found in HERE!


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